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Save Your Money With Good Quality Used Tires

Whether it's your car or truck, at Gomez Tire Shop, you can select from a number of used tires that are still in a good condition. You get to replace a tire that can't be repaired without paying a full price for a new tire. Get in touch with us for your used tire needs.

Exceptional used tire services

  • Used car tires

  • Used truck tires

  • Rotating stock

  • 2-week warranty on used tires

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Years of experience

We've been in the business for 8 years. Count on our experience and expert services for your used tire needs. You can contact Rafeal Gomez to learn more about our other services.

FREE estimates are available for repair work.

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Gomez Tire Shop is a family owned and operated business and can take good care of your tire related needs. Visit us today in Katy, TX.